Macedonia plays 2015 IIHF Inline Hockey World Championship Qualification

Macedonia will play for the fourth time the European Qualification Tournament for the IIHF Inline Hockey World Championship. The 2015 WC will be played in Tampere - Finland.

This year's competitors are: Bulgaria, Israel, MACEDONIA, Serbia.

They will face from July 4th, 2014 in the Winter Palace in Sofia-Bulgaria.

Latvia vs Macedonia in Passau/Germany, August 2013

The winner of the tournament is qualified for the 2015 Inline Hockey World Championship B-tier. The World Championship tournament covers 16 teams. They are divided into two tiers, A and B, which are then each divided into two balanced groups. 
There are two remaining spots for the IIHF Inline Hockey World Championship B-tier which go to two qualifiers, one from Europe and one from the rest of the world. Last year's qualifiers were Latvia and Brazil.

Schedule in Sofia local time, changes are possible!

DAY 1, 4 July 2014
18:00 Israel - Serbia
20:00 Bulgaria : MACEDONIA 

DAY 2, 5 July 2014
18:00 Israel : MACEDONIA 
20:00 Serbia : Bulgaria

DAY 3, 6 July 2014
11:00 MACEDONIA : Serbia
13:00 Bulgaria : Israel

Location: Sofia-Bulgaria, Winter Palace - more informations about the arena click here.


Inline Hockey on IIHF Homepage click here

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